Kay Bellinger married late in life and spent much of her spare time visiting Stratford-upon-Avon and the Shakespeare Theatre. She met other people on courses and lectures, which she found was an ideal way for a single person to take a break from business connections.

She enjoyed a wonderful Nile cruise from Aswan to Cairo, and was introduced to the world of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian bug metaphorically bit her, and it was in Egypt that she first met the Egyptologist Professor Rosalie David. Kay followed her to Manchester University to learn more. Through Professor David, Kay became involved with the Mummy Tissue Bank and the setting up of the Institute of Biomedical Science based at the University. The Institute uses the study of ancient illnesses to benefit modern medicine worldwide.

Kay Bellinger has always enjoyed history, and her passionate interest in Elizabethan England and Shakespeare, and in Ancient Egypt, prompted her to explore the connections between them in Nothing New Under the Sun.

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